BILLmanager is a complete solution for automation of the activities of hosting service providers and domain name registration. The billing panel automates the registration of new customers, ordering and processing of services. This is the only resource for your customers where they can make purchases, manage their accounts, acts, contracts and more. Billingmanager billing system is equipped with its own system of customer support center, notifications and reports on all areas of the company.

One copy of BILLmanager can support multiple hosting projects and legal entities with flexible configuration of their relationships. BILLmanager allows you to provide all types of hosting services: shared hosting, VDS/VPS virtual servers, dedicated servers, domain registration, ordering SSL certificates, etc.

The billing panel is integrated with various payment systems, control panels, domain registrars, which allows you to perform most customer service functions automatically with minimal delays.

BILLmanager comes in three different versions: Standard, Advanced and Corporate. Therefore, you can use the billing program for both small companies and international corporations to automate hosting.

Why BILLmanager?

  • Easy accounting of customers, services and payments. Availability of analytical reports
  • Solutions for complex automation of hosting
  • Integration with all popular control panels
  • Ready-made solution for working with many payment systems
  • Built-in system of control and accounting of customer requests to the support service

Starting from the 2nd quarter of 2021, our Company has decided to no longer provide services for the sale of licenses for this software. If necessary, you can purchase this software on the official website of the developer.

We focus on domain registration and various hosting services including shared hosting, VPS/VDS, dedicated and cloud services.