VMmanager OVZ

VMmanager OVZ is an operating system-level virtualization solution that allows you to run multiple isolated copies of the operating system, often referred to as virtual environments or containers, on a single physical server.

OpenVZ-level virtualization provides better performance, scalability, placement density, dynamic resource management, and ease of administration, as opposed to alternatives.

VMmanager OVZ will allow you to easily increase the profits of your business due to high productivity at minimal cost. This solution is ideal for providing flexible tariff plans to customers.

With VMmanager OVZ you can provide your customers with a wider range of services and make resource management as easy as possible.

Why VMmanager OVZ?

  • Better system performance, scalability, high VPS/VDS placement density, dynamic resource management
  • Convenient, flexible and intuitive interface
  • A powerful tool for providing virtualization services based on OpenVZ

* By purchasing perpetual licenses for ISPsystem software, you receive not only a software license for an unlimited period of validity, but also free upgrades for one calendar year. The cost of further updates for each year for the perpetual license of ISPsystem software is half of the cost of a similar annual license.