IPmanager is a convenient system for distributing IP addresses between servers. IPmanager is an ancillary product that integrates with the following control panels: ISPmanager, VMmanager, VMmanager OVZ, DCImanager and DNSmanager.

All servers on the Internet need IP addresses. When a new site with a dedicated IP or a new VPS/VDS is created on the server, the server needs an additional IP address. You can allocate IP addresses to servers in advance, and you can keep track of addresses in a single database and issue them from there on request. The same goes for releasing unused addresses.

IPmanager is the only centrally managed database that stores IP addresses. This panel solves the problem of IP address space allocation forever: issuing an address, releasing it, changing the reverse zone (PTR) - everything happens completely automatically. At the same time the maximum possible density of use of address space is reached, and the problem of issue of IP addresses "as a reserve" simply disappears.

Why IPmanager?

  • The only database of IP addresses with centralized management. Easy integration with all ISPSystem products
  • Automatic allocation of IP addresses for provider services. Support for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Accounting and statistics of the available address space of the provider's IP addresses

* By purchasing perpetual licenses for ISPsystem software, you receive not only a software license for an unlimited period of validity, but also free upgrades for one calendar year. The cost of further updates for each year for the perpetual license of ISPsystem software is half of the cost of a similar annual license.