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VMmanager KVM

VMmanager KVM is a software solution for managing KVM virtualization. VMmanager KVM is adapted both for hosting virtual machines and for creating cloud services and solutions.

Starting any business project in IT begins with evaluating the investment in the hardware component. VMmanager KVM will help you reduce hardware costs. With the help of visualization you can significantly simplify and speed up the distribution of administrative tasks, increase the resilience of your project and achieve a gradual update with an increase in hardware base.

With VMmanager KVM you can manage not only one node, but also a large cluster of servers, which will allow you to scale your business as it grows and without additional costs at any stage of its development.

Why VMmanager KVM?

  • Expandable architecture that allows you to create your own cloud services
  • Convenient, flexible and intuitive interface
  • A powerful tool for providing visualization services

* By purchasing perpetual licenses for ISPsystem software, you receive not only a software license for an unlimited period of validity, but also free upgrades for one calendar year. The cost of further updates for each year for the perpetual license of ISPsystem software is half of the cost of a similar annual license.