DNSmanager is a control panel for domain name servers (DNS). The panel allows you to manage domain records through a web interface. DNSmanager is intended for integration with ISPmanager, VMmanager and VMmanager OVZ control panels, as well as for use as a separate product, for example, for the provision of DNS hosting services.

DNSmanager can be installed and run on any Unix or Windows operating system.

All major hosting providers and domain name registrars strive to provide a single nameserver for their customers. DNSmanager is a unique system that will help implement this feature and centralize domain name management for all types of hosting provided: shared hosting, virtual dedicated VPS/VDS servers, dedicated servers.

Why DNSmanager?

  • Creation of unified DNS nameservers of the provider. Possibility to provide DNS hosting services
  • Automatic control system for external nameservers of the provider with a tie-in to all popular ISPSystem products
  • Integration with IPManager to manage the address space of IP addresses

Starting from the 2nd quarter of 2021, our Company has decided to no longer provide services for the sale of licenses for this software. If necessary, you can purchase this software on the official website of the developer.

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