1.1.2 What is the difference between a personal account and a control panel

Personal Account

Personal Account is designed for managing and controlling your services. Here, you can order or renew a service, check its status, duration, and find access parameters to your services. However, your websites are not hosted in the personal account but on other servers, and access to them can be achieved through the ISPmanager control panel. You can get to the hosting control panel from the personal account using the method indicated in the image below.

The personal account is located at: https://my.thehost.com.ua/manager/billmgr

Как узнать параметры доступа и перейти в панель хостинга

Hosting Control Panel

Hosting Control Panel is intended for managing your hosting service. It allows you to park your domains, create and edit website content, manage their settings, connect certificates, and control email.

The hosting control panel is located at: https://hosting_server/manager/ispmgr

Панель управления хостингом

Virtual/Dedicated Server Control Panel

The Virtual/Dedicated Server Control Panel is functionally similar to the control panel for managing hosting and allows you to manage and edit the content and settings of your websites. Additionally, the panel has an expanded set of features and permissions associated with root access and the absence of hosting limitations for virtual and dedicated server services.

The control panel for virtual/dedicated servers is located at: https://IP.YOUR.SERVER.ADDRESS/manager/ispmgr

Панель управления сервером

Where to Find Access Parameters for Control Panels?

All access parameters for virtual hosting, virtual servers, or dedicated servers are sent to the Subscriber’s contact email immediately after activating the service. Access parameters can also be obtained in the personal account by clicking the Welcome button after selecting the desired service in the corresponding section of the personal account.