3.2.2 How to find out what is taking up space on your hosting account

If you have received a notification about “Exceeding hosting limits”, or simply want to find out how much space is occupied on your account and what is occupying it, you can find this information in the hosting control panel under the “Statistics” section.

Navigate to the “Statistics - Resource Usage” section to view your limits according to the tariff plan.

Ресурсы хостинга

In the “Disk Usage” section, you can see in more detail what and how much space is occupied on the account.

Как проверить занимаемое дисковое пространство аккаунта

There is a common misconception that backups can occupy space on the account. This is partially true. Backups occupy space only if they are created by your request and stored on your server.

Backups of the “admin-1_full” type are created by the administration’s request and are stored on another server, not occupying your disk space.

Резервное копирование по заданию администрации

Note: Additionally, space can be occupied by Databases, which can be viewed in the corresponding section of the control panel.