5.2.1 How to set up mail on external mailers (Gmail, Yandex, etc.)

If you want to use third-party mailers for your domain mail, such as Gmail, Yandex, Mail.ru and others, and not ours, you need to go to your hosting control panel in the **Domain names section ** change domain records to work with a third-party mailer:

Changing entries

The specified functionality is available by default on all virtual hosting servers. In order for the functionality to be available on the VPS server, it must be additionally installed in the Plugins section:

ISP4 plugins

Again, all of the above will only work if the domain registrar has our NS servers installed. Also, it is important to remember that any changes made to domain records will not work immediately, but approximately 12-24 hours after DNS update of the domain.

Currently there are settings for Gmail (google.com mail), Yandex.ru, Rambler.ru and Pochta.ru

If you need to configure mail for mailers that are not in the list, you need to manually change the domain records according to instructions according to the recommendations of the mailer you are interested in.

For example, recommendations for setting up an email domain for mail operation are described here:

It is also important to note that mailboxes created in our control panel, after changing the mailer for the domain to any third-party one, will stop working and you will not be able to log into them with the built-in email client

Mailboxes will need to be re-created in the third-party mailer interface according to the instructions in order for them to work after changing MX records.