Special offer! Free transfer of sites

For all Customers who have ordered and paid for our hosting services, VPS/VDS or dedicated physical servers, we have a permanent special offer! Immediately after paying for the service, you can contact our support service, specifying all the necessary parameters for access to your site on the old hosting.

After that, our specialists will check the correctness and completeness of the access parameters specified by you, transfer data from the old hosting and then configure and test the operation of your site on our hosting.

As a result, you do not need to be an expert in the transfer and configuration of the site. All necessary work will be performed by qualified specialists of our Company.

The minimum term for ordering services that allows you to participate in the promotion:

  • Hosting - from 6 months
  • Premium hosting - from 3 months
  • Reselling of hosting - from 1 month
  • VPS/VDS - from 1 month
  • Dedicated physical servers - from 1 month

Free transfer of sites is provided once after the initial order and payment for the service. The maximum number of sites that can be transferred for free is 10.

What are the benefits?

  • No additional transfer fees. There is no need to spend extra time or money to pay third-party professionals to perform site transfer.
  • TheHost specialists use advanced tools and solutions that allow you to transfer your site as quickly as possible, as well as with zero or with the minimum possible delay in work.
  • The work is performed only by our specialists, who in addition to the transfer itself check the requirements and correctness of the sites on our hosting.
To order a promotional site transfer service, you need to go to the personal account and contact our support service specifying all the necessary parameters for access to the old hosting:
  • address and name of the site to transfer
  • address, login and password for access to the control panel of the old hosting
  • access data to the site via FTP
  • phpMyAdmin access parameters