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Virus protection on the site - TheHost AntiShell

In the process of operating and maintaining a website, it is very important to follow several very important rules: never install extensions or templates from questionable sources and regularly update the CMS and its plug-ins. If you do not do this, your site is more likely to be hacked, which will lead either to the incorrect operation of the web resource, or to a complete stop of its work with negative consequences in the form of a lower ranking in search engines.

If you notice that unknown files with the .php extension have appeared on your site, it means that your site is likely to be hacked. With the help of such shell scripts, uploaded to the code of your site, attackers will be able to attempt to send spam, steal data from visitors of your site or any other illegal actions. In this case, it is necessary to conduct a detailed audit of files and scripts of the site, followed by removal of malicious code and update the CMS.

To help our Customers, TheHost has developed its own AntiShell antivirus, which is available to all customers of hosting services. This solution allows you to automatically check the scripts of your sites and automatically block malicious code if it is found. As a result of its work, if the presence of injections or shell-scripts is detected, in addition to blocking their work, the antivirus will prepare and send you a detailed report on the found scripts with malicious code by email.

Antivirus for sites from the company TheHost is a unique development that allows you to track the appearance of malicious code on the sites in the background, saving time and money of our Customers. An important advantage is also that for all Customers of the hosting provider TheHost, this solution is provided completely free of charge for the entire duration of the hosting service.

What are the benefits?

  • Automatic search and neutralization of malicious code on your website
  • TheHost antivirus protection is provided completely free for the entire duration of the hosting service
  • Automatic operation of TheHost AntiShell antivirus in the background does not require any additional actions from the Customer
  • Our technical support, if necessary, will be able to provide detailed explanations and recommendations regarding the detected malicious scripts and their removal
  • If suspicious or known malicious scripts are detected, TheHost AntiShell will prepare and send you a report by e-mail
  • AntiShell anti-virus signature databases are regularly updated and replenished, which guarantees the most accurate and prompt threat detection