Disk space

If, when using a virtual dedicated server VPS/VDS, you are faced with a lack of disk space, then, in addition to increasing the tariff plan, you can also add the required additional volume of the internal disk subsystem. This can help increase the stability and quality of your server, as well as save money without switching to a more expensive VPS/VDS virtual dedicated server service plan.

It is important to understand that the additional disk space, as well as the main disk space of the dedicated VPS/VDS server, is allocated from the storage systems made with the use of high-speed SSD-drives. This technology significantly speeds up read/write operations and, as a result, leads to faster operation of your virtual servers.

What are the benefits?

  • Cost savings by paying only for disk space without overpaying for other server features
  • Flexibility in allocating the necessary resources to your VPS/VDS virtual server
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for 1GB
per month
To order additional disk space you need to go to personal account to the section "Products/Services" - "Virtual Servers", select your server and use the "Config." to change the value of Disk Space parameter.