UA domain transliteration service

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Purpose and tasks of domain transliteration

Domain transliteration service

The "Domain Transliteration" web tool is designed to select domain names based on Cyrillic brand names, which is particularly relevant for Ukrainian domains in the .UA zone. This domains can only be registered with an identical brand name. Our tool helps automate this process by using official transliteration tables to generate possible domain names.

The tool operates by entering your brand name in Cyrillic and converting it into several Latin transliteration options. It adheres to all official transliteration standards to ensure the closest possible match to the original brand name. This helps avoid errors and ensures that the resulting domain names meet the requirements for registration in the .UA zone.

With the "Domain Transliteration" web tool, the process of selecting and registering a domain name becomes quick and convenient. You don't need to manually check possible options—just enter the brand name and receive a list of domain names ready for registration. This greatly simplifies the task and saves you time.